The foundation’s purpose is to bring full awareness of the heroin epidemic to the public. We recognize and aim to address the shortcomings within our current infrastructure which has contributed to the drug problem we face today. The Richard Carbaugh Hope Foundation aims to “Take Back Our Community and Help Save Lives”….Together we CAN make a change. Drugs do not discriminate and we want to be recognized as a place of support for ALL affected by drugs through multiple approaches.
– Prevention- Starting creative and fun activities/events within our community to allow our youth a drug-free environment to spend time.
– Education- Informing our youth of the risks of drug use, as well as parents/adults of intervention and methods to get involved.
– Support- Working with those struggling to overcome the disease by finding help for their mental and physical needs to recover.

Our Vision

In time, we hope to obtain enough funding to open and operate a local rehabilitation center and halfway house. We believe a comprehensive approach for treatment will help reduce drug relapse; which is often the pattern of events prior to many of the fatal overdose incidents. Our goal is to make the most of the initial rehabilitation experience so that the addict is less likely to return to using drugs. In order to do so, there needs to be resources for providing help to those who are suffering from addiction, as well as, support for close family and friends.
In the fight against this heroin epidemic, law enforcement plays an important role in controlling the availability and distribution of drugs within the community. Moreover, in order to be successful in changing the path we are on, the legal aspect must be reinforced with the necessary social and health services for our community members who are struggling with this addiction. We feel effective drug awareness and treatment is critical to win this battle and to put a stop to the rising heroin-related deaths of our community.
Our dream is to provide assistance to every addict, on every level possible, in order to ensure a full recovery. Some of the operations we hope to provide include:
– Assisting with finding funding for the financial aspect, and working with insurance companies when possible.
– Helping with any legal matters pertaining to young teens that are unable to get proper treatment due to age.
– Providing a 24/72 hour Detox Center for those in need, before they are able to receive further treatment for their addiction issues.
– Post-Rehab help in finding job placement and housing when needed.
The possibilities of an all-encompassing rehabilitation center that addresses both the mental AND physiological needs of an addict are endless. We believe this kind of facility would not only be an asset for the community, but is a necessity