Overdose Awareness/End STIGMA T Shirt


Within QUOTATION MARKS, give the complete name(s) of those loved ones and friends who have lost their battles and struggles with addiction from an Overdose and to End the STIGMA that has surrounded addiction that you want to be printed on this shirt!
***** Name Submission Format *****
1. Put the name(s) in Quotation Marks, so that we are sure what exactly is to be printed. Example: “Melissa Smith”
2. If you are tagging someone whose name should be printed, put the tag itself within quotation marks.
3. We may not accept names without quotation marks.
4. Ensure that the spelling is correct. The name will be printed the way you submit it.
5. Wherever possible, please submit a complete name.
6. Double check the name before submitting!
7. And lastly, ensure no one will have an objection with you submitting someone’s name.
– We will design the shirts after receiving around 100-150 names.
– When the design is ready, we will give you a link to order.
– All names submitted will be printed on the back (as shown in the image below).
– Price starts from $28.00. for T-Shirts and $35.00 for hoodies. You can buy regular shirts & Hoodies.
– Available for both Men and Women, Children
Wear this shirt to show your remembrance for those who have lost their battles with addiction and also Overdose Awareness and to help End the STIGMA about addiction!
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